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Information : Pipe Fittings

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  using Sharpe's website along with some improved features such as estimated shipping rates for on-line orders, more videos of our tube bending services, a full site search of our products, and much more Pipe Fittings are applied to connect two pipe ends together, to changedirection or size of the pipes. There are many different types and shapes on the market. Pipes are made of either plastic or metal and so as pipe fittings.

  Most of the pipe fittings are rounded shape, but not always. The shape varies within different types, to match pipes. They are used in different applications like plumbing, waste, vent systems and many other industries.

  Pipes are mostly used for transportation of fluids and solids and depending on areas of their usage, the materials they are made of vary. The same apply to pipe fittings. Within applications there are different requirements of sanitary, strength and so on.

  There are different parameters to be considered before purchasing and that is the size of the pipe fittings in diameter, thickness of the wall to be according to the pressure in the pipes, materials, shape and many others.

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