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  In China, three of Japan‘s major steel pipe producers: Nippon Steel, JFE Steel and Sumitomo Metal all received requests from China National Petroleum Corp. (CNPC) for more X80 UO pipes for its second stage East-West pipeline project. Under the existing contract, Japan’s three steel manufacturers will supply 230,000~240,000 tons of X80 UO pipe, but the delivery has not been confirmed yet. The negotiation between both sides will be finished soon. According to the news report, Baosteel does not want to supply X80 plate for domestic UO pipe usage this year.

  In Kazakhstan, Ukraine’s Khpw pipe plant, a subsidiary of Metinvest Group, has announced that it will supply steel pipe products for Kazakstan's oil pipeline project. The company is planning to produce and supply seven thousand tons of big diameter steel pipe, with 813mm outside diameter and 9.5mm thickness in March this year, and that its total supply volume will reach forty thousand tons.

  Volzhsky pipe plant, the subsidiary of TMK group has, for the first time, provided 21.6mm heavy thickness with large diameter welding pipe to the market. Those pipes are provided to Gazporm Company for the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline project between Germany and Russia. In 2008, TMK has planned to provide seventy thousand tons large diameter pipe for Nord Stream natural gas pipeline project.

  On the other hand, several new steel plant projects have also been confirmed this month. First, Italian steel tube producer, Marcegaglia announced that it would invest €150 million to build up a steel tube mill in Yangzhou, China. The mill will mainly produce precision tubes, cold drawn tube for both carbon steel and stainless steel production. According to the project, the new mill will have 700,000 square meters with 650 staff and a production capacity of 350,000 tons. Besides, the project has been approved by the Chinese government. Second, Vyksa, the subsidiary of Russia OMK Steel Company is going to invest US$51 million to purchase new equipment to increase its large diameter pipe output. The major equipment system is provided by Germany’s SMS Company. According to their plan, the expansion project will be composed of two steps. After adding the new welding equipment on Vyksa's rolling machine and enlarging its outside diameter production range to reach 1,420mm, the pipe output of Vyksa steel plant will increase, reaching 950,000 tons per year.

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