· "Assembly Having a Flange" in Patent Application Approval Process [2014-02-26 click:44]
By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Politics & Government Week -- A patent application by the inventor Freund, Wolfgang (Gelsenkirchen, DE), filed on April 13, 2012, was made available online on February 6, 2014, according [Read the whole]
· Don't Let Your Trash Pumps Down [2014-02-26 click:33]
A trash pump& 39;s life is not glamorous In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a piece of equipment whose duties are more humble Because the nature of their work requires them to take a lot of abuse, trash pumps can [Read the whole]
· BP, Having Cut Leaking Pipe, Will Try To Cap It With 'Top Hat' Later Today [2014-02-26 click:40]
BP has cut the bent riser pipe off the top of the blowout preventer on the oil wellhead at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen, national incident commander for the oil spill response, announced [Read the whole]
· BP To Lower Cap Over Gulf Oil Gusher After Shearing Pipe [2014-02-26 click:35]
In the latest of a string of feeble attempts to stem oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico, BP has used giant shears to cut a damaged pipe and is now faced with the more difficult task of lowering a cap over the spill In [Read the whole]
· BP Oil Pipe Cap Design [2014-02-26 click:20]
Attached are conceptual drawings of a cap assembly for the BP Gulf Oil Leak I am submitting for an open engineering review with the hope that it will generate ideas for an improved cap design that can stop the oil leak wi [Read the whole]
· Pipe inadequate for 2 hookups to CAP, city says [2014-02-26 click:23]
An existing pipeline at a Sahuarita-area groundwater recharge project isn& 39;t nearly big enough to carry all the Colorado River water that two other parties say they want to put into two proposed connecting pipelines, Tucson o [Read the whole]
· New Range of Pipe End Caps Available From FT Pipeline Systems [2014-02-26 click:19]
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, Mar 29 (MARKET WIRE) --FT Pipeline Systems, a leading supplier of steel pipes to the UKconstruction industry, is looking to highlight the latest range of pipeend caps now available through the new FT Pip [Read the whole]
· Caplugs’ Full Line of Pipe Caps [2014-02-26 click:25]
Caplugs has a full range of pipe caps in a variety of styles, sizes and materials Choose from vented, beveled edge, recessed end, American standard, open-ended and heavy wall Each of these cap designs are available in severa [Read the whole]
· Gulf oil spill: BP cuts pipe, clearing way for cap [2014-02-26 click:22]
Robots using giant hydraulic shears finished cutting away the pipe atop a BP well gushing oil into the Gulf of Mexico, clearing the way for a cap to be placed over the well on Thursday in an effort to contain the 45-day-ol [Read the whole]
· Detached pipe cap caused deadly China ammonia leak: officials [2014-02-26 click:27]
An ammonia leak which killed 15 people at a food company in China& 39;s commercial hub of Shanghai was caused by a detached pipe cap, state media said Sunday The leak from a refrigeration unit at Shanghai Weng& 39;s Cold Stora [Read the whole]